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Signs and sign programs



BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS is a full-service design/build company that provides signs and sign programs for national retail, commercial retail, mixed-use and urban projects. Our company was founded in 1995 with the goal of blending integrity, expertise and authentic design to create property branding solutions in the built environment. We are performance driven and add value by way of our design/build, install and warranty service, coast to coast.

BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS has a deep inventory of talent and design solutions backed by decades of experience and expert knowledge of materials, construction and installation methods required to deliver affordable and sustainable designs. Our creative services also include retail branding, sign & graphic manuals and custom design/build solutions along with Landlord and entitlement submittals, design and feasibility studies.

For over twenty-five years (25), BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS has designed, built and installed signs and sign programs, coast to coast including Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. We begin every project with professional construction and installation drawings. Our company is full-service and provides roll-outs, conversions, retrofits, site surveys and code reports via our network of over 700 national and international associates. Our builds and installs are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

For more than twenty-five (25) years BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS has designed and built signs and sign programs for national retail, commercial retail, mixed-use and urban projects, coast to coast. Our work includes project identity, retail branding, place-making and way-finding.  The design/build work provided by BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS is guided by our client’s project goals and accounts for community input and environmental aspects of each project. Some of the practical aspects of Blair’s designs are the selection of low maintenance materials, attention to pedestrian and vehicle way-finding as well as construction methods and materials that are economical to build. Our design/build approach assures that each project is carefully considered and successfully delivered.





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