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BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS is a full-service design/build company providing exterior signs and sign programs for national retail, commercial retail, mixed-use development and urban projects, coast to coast. Our company was founded in 1995 with the goal of blending integrity, expertise and authentic design to create property branding solutions in the built environment.

We are performance driven and add value by way of our design, build, install and warranty services, coast to coast. Our areas of expertise include:

National retail companies:         Property branding, site surveys, code reports, project                                                                                   management, Landlord submittals and custom design solutions.                                                                                          

​Retail/mixed use developers:    Master Sign Programs, tenant sign criteria, design studies,

                                                  hardship studies, variance and planning commission submittals.


National corporations:              Corporate sign and graphic manuals, branch branding books,                                                                        prototyping and design studies.


Our accomplishments include providing design solutions for urban development and the re-purpose or re-imaging of existing retail and commercial developments. We have a deep inventory of talent and design solutions backed by expert knowledge of materials, construction and installation methods required to deliver affordable designs in the built environment.

Our culture expresses itself in our creative processes, dedication to excellence and our work product. It is a reflection of who we are as professionals, as people. Our culture affects our relationships with clients and amongst ourselves and is nearly a tangible thing. We pay it much attention. It must be authentic.


Our culture is inclusive and is not a closed loop. We reach out in our communication and work to clients, communities and the intended viewers of our work. To be “real” we believe the following values are key to sustaining our culture:


                    Collaboration         Authenticity          Imagination             Performance


BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS is a space where people can come together and have productive and creative relationships and careers.  We are rewarded with projects that challenge our creativity and intelligence and encourage us to grow. Our enthusiasm is sustained by working to deliver original and innovative design/build solutions that benefit all. It is our culture.

We understand the work required to design, build and deliver quality signs and sign programs; on time and on budget. To accomplish our work requires a collaborative effort of many talents; a team. To accomplish our work, we assign an account team whose mission is to work, on a personal basis, with each member of our client’s team through the entire design/build process.


Our design/build and collaborative process blends all of a project’s ingredients in to an original design bespoke for each project.  The material result will take expression in the built environment. At each phase of the work process, we connect key people, companies and community development for their inclusion in the design/build process with the final and most important connection in mind; the intended public viewer of our work.


It is our experience that our team/process will lead to continuing relationships, referrals and enhances our reputation for excellence. It is the classic definition of a “win-win” scenario

BLAIR SIGN PROGRAMS recognizes that each sign, and sign program, is individual and unique but that all work should have two key ingredients in common; aesthetics and sustainability. We begin our design work with this theory.

We also understand that these two important ingredients are not mutually exclusive to an affordable build.  In support of our design work, we have developed a deep inventory of sustainable sign specifications allowing us to design, without compromise, and deliver authentic work which meets aesthetic and green requirements at very competitive costs for our clients. Our work is documented as LEED relevant, Title 24 compliant and encompass a “green” build





Twenty-five years of design/build excellence.
A group of people collaborating for mutual success.
Putting a “quality circle” around our work.
Building with green initiative and care.
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